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We do not give any medical advice or recommendations about you or your child’s health in this website. Medical advice is discussed at the time of your consultation with Dr. Villafañe.


The medical information that appears on this web site is to be used as a general guide about heart defects and symptoms. The heart interacts with many other organs in your body, which in turn, may affect its function.


If you need more specific or detailed information, I would recommend a pediatric cardiology textbook or MEDLINE. You need to keep in mind that patients with a similar heart condition may behave (symptoms, level of energy, etc…) differently. In addition, in each heart condition, there may be different levels of severity, with less or more risks to the affected patient.


This web site may be a helpful guide for you. It should not replace a cardiologist, surgeon, medical textbook or medical journals. You should ask specific questions to Dr. Villafañe so that you can get a better idea of your child’s condition. Our policy is to individualize each patient and tailor specific recommendations for each. Children's Heart Specialists, PSC and Dr. Villafañe cannot be held responsible or liable for any incorrect information, involuntary mistakes, or omissions.


Updates of Website:


The original version of this web site was prepared in April 2008. Updates to the web site are usually done on a yearly basis; however, you must realize that new developments and medical information may occur within weeks or months. Most web sites, and even medical textbooks, may be partially outdated when they are published.





By virtue of reading any and all information on this website I agree to all these stipulations:

  • I understand that the information that I am about to read is general information about specific illness or heart defects and does not necessarily apply to my child or me.

  • I will contact Dr. Villafañe or another pediatric cardiologist if I need specific advice or information about my condition or my child’s condition.

  • I will not hold Children’s Heart Specialists PSC or Dr. Juan Villafañe liable for any mistakes in this website.

Date issued: March 28,2008
Revisions: none



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