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CHS Staff

Donielle ~Cardiac SonographerDonielle means serious business during CPR recertification

Donielle attended Western Kentucky University for four years with a background in health and science. She went on to attend Norton Cardio-vascular Program where she studied cardiac ultrasound and graduated in 2007.

Christy ~EKG Technician and Medical Assistant

Christy attended the University of Kentucky and Bellarmine College. She completed the Norton Cardiovascular Program specializing in electrocardiography and arrhythmias. 

Angela Robinson (Angie) - EKG technician and Medical Assistant

Angie was granted a degree in Medical Administrative Assistant and EKG technician from Louisville College of Medical and Dental. She has over 20 years experience as medical assistant including 8 years in Pediatrics.

CHS Staff
Tracy, Melissa, Debbie and Alex are part of our amazing staff.

Thanks to Bev, James and Trina for their great secretarial help.


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