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Continuing medical education (CME) consists of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop, and increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance. The CME activity must be sponsored by an organization accredited for continuing medical education by one of the state medical associations or by the accreditation counsel for CME.


The Kentucky Medical Licensure Board requires at least 20 hours of continued medical education every year. Our medical staff accumulates in excess of this requirement. Dr. Villafañe attends several cardiology medical meetings and lectures (scientific sessions, symposiums, grand rounds, society meetings, lectures, etc.) a year. He usually accumulates over 100 hours of continued medical education every year. In addition, he spends about 4 hours per week reading medical journals, lecturing and participating in other medical meetings and quality assurance activities regarding our echocardiogram laboratory. For 20 years in a row he has received the Physician’s Recognition Award in continuing medical education from the American Medical Association. In 2008 and 2011, he received an award with commendation from the American Medical Association.



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